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1. Finding the editor: navigate to Settings, find the sitemap area called "System", and click on the sitemap item titled "Org Settings Area". This will launch the org settings editor HTML page.

2. Settings: By default your organization has few, if any, organization settings. Until you add a setting to your organization by pressing the Add hyperlink, you cannot edit the value. Once you've added a setting it's added to your organization with the default value. You can then edit the value by pressing the Edit hyperlink.

3. Current Value: If you're setting has a value listed it will be bolded in the Current Value cell. If that value differs from the default, you'll find the Current Value cell to have a slightly lighter background calling attention to the fact the setting differs from default.

4. If there is an invalid value causing problems, you can optionally open the editor directly via it's url. This isn't recommended as it won't be cached but it can be helpful if you cannot find the editor in the sitemap or are having issues.

- OnPrem internal: http://<server>/<Organization>/WebResources/crmfargo_/orgdborgsettings/orgdborgsettings.html

- OnPrem IFD: https://<>/WebResources/crmfargo_/orgdborgsettings/orgdborgsettings.html

- Online:<organization>/WebResources/crmfargo_/orgdborgsettings/orgdborgsettings.html

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